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cool skurum vods

Post by Falcon on Fri Jun 03, 2016 1:46 pm

v2a: Added an optional file for a very wet penis (requires the original file and it's requirements)

v2a: Added a non-sweaty version


- No light hair option. Smooth is smooth, i.e. no body hair at all. Light is now smooth with pubes and armpit hair. Medium, heavy and furball are still the sam]e.
- Accent on the lower abdomen (V-shape)
- Sweat on penis
- Fixed seams
- Removed a lot of bad pixels due to my crappy optimization
v1.2a: Fixed a genital texture in the smoother faces option
v1.2: Hot'n'Sweaty Abs now with Smoother Face option
v1.1: Hot'n'Sweasty edition pixelation of abs fixed
v1: Hot'n'Sweaty edition now available. See pics!

I always thought the hair textures for men in Skyrim was lacking proper pubic hair. This mod replaces the body hair textures for 4/5 strenghts for S.A.M. - Shape Atlas for Men by VectorPlexus with heavier pubes and some armpit hair.

Get S.A.M. From here

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